dental BiOVISION, a dental laboratory in Osaka, draws on the attractiveness of digital technology to the greatest extent, and provides high-precision, stable, high-quality technologies that leverage the knowledge and skills of "Takumi" we have cultivated over many years.
We aim to achieve the best prosthetic design and high-quality engineering using the best materials by maximizing the spec drawing by customizing several CAD/CAM systems to suit our own customs and selecting the appropriate use according to each case.
We are also a dental laboratory familiar with all implant manufacturers (systems) in Japan.
The wealth of experience and expertise in dental BiOVISION covers most prosthetic procedures.
Consistent technology, ranging from preoperative diagnosis to design and fabrication of implant treatment, can accommodate all systems.
Digital technology, which is evolving as of the rapid advance, can offer a variety of benefits to our dental practitioners, but even with the same digital equipment we can't provide the same prosthesis.
This is because each patient has a complete tailor-made dental technician, where "Takumi" spirit is dwelled.

"Digital technology" and "Takumi sprit" are our foundations.

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CASE1 Maxillary Anterior Natural Tooth Prosthesis & Screwretain Prosthesis

This is a case in which the maxillary left and right central incisors were restored with a zirconia ceramic crowns.
On the left, the implant has a direct screw-retain design with implant prosthesis, and in order to harmonize right natural prosthesis with the cervical line, implant control counter level from traditional contour to the emergence profile.


CASE2 Maxillary Anterior Tooth Screwretain Ziirconia Ceramic Prosthesis.

The maxillary right central incisor is replaced with a screw-direct prosthesis.
As a usual method, the access hole is positioned at the incisal end, so the hole is bent toward the palatal side with the ASC abutment.
It also harmonizes the color tone with the opposite side of natural tooth.


CASE3 Maxillary Anterior Dental Implant Prosthesis with Intra Oral Scanner.

The scan body was used to scan the oral cavity with TRIOS, and the right and left central incisors were finished with screw-retain zirconia ceramic.
Highly difficult case, but the color tones are harmonized with natural teeth.
3D printer model was also prepared because layering were required.


Intraoral scanners are at the
forefront of
digital solutions
for dental technologies.

An intraoral scanner is a device that uses a small camera to make three-dimensional images of the mouth and to show them on a monitor. Also called an optical impression, it can be precisely captured the details of the intraoral, and this device can provide necessary information to laboratory accurately.

This makes it easier to exchange information with dentists or dental technicians in a remote area. Data can also be accumulated, which will lead to the development of dental treatments.

This is the form of digital solutions that will create a comfortable and highly efficient environment for patients.



We founded the dental BiOVISION in 2010 as a dental laboratory that aims to be a total oral advisor.

Aesthetic treatment and implant treatment are provided mainly from preoperative exploration and diagnosis, as well as high-quality dental prostheses, with the aim of dealing with postoperative maintenance.

By utilizing the CAD/CAM system, which is experiencing remarkable technological innovation, we have fused conventional analog and digital technologies, enabling frame processing and stable quality in bio-friendly materials.

Our vision is to provide patients with the best smiles and joys through dental prostheses, and we will continue to advance as a laboratory with the latest technology and knowledge to contribute to the development of the dental industry.

I hope that this service will help you plan prostheses and design prostheses.

August 2018.
President Takahiro Tsuji


Company namedental BiOVISION Co., Ltd.
PresidentTakahiro Tsuji
Address3, 4F, 5-7-30 Higashi-Mikuni, Yodogawa-ku, Osaka
EstablishEstablished in April 2010
Business outline Designing and manufacturing dental prostheses.Design and manufacture of dental prostheses by using dental CAD / CAM system. Support for preoperative examination and diagnosis of implant treatment and aesthetic dental treatment as well as preparation, repair and maintenance


2 minutes on foot from Higashi Mikuni Station by Midosuji Subway Line
5 minutes by taxi from Shin-Osaka Station.

Shin-osaka diamond 3F 4F, 5-7-30, Higashimikuni, Yodogawa-ku, Osaka, Osaka, Japan, 532-0002