Intraoral scanners are at the
forefront of
digital solutions for
dental technologies.


An IOS is a devise designed to scan the oral cavity, thus showing a 3D image of the scanned data on to the monitor.
It is called optical impression and can detect and capture even the smallest details, allowing the user to obtain necessary data.

This will allow both doctors and technicians to exchange information with ease.

This is the future for the dental solution, with less stress for the patients.


Models for each patients must be kept as records, but there are risk involved such as chipping and deterioration of models.
Since the quantity of models that must be kept as records are large, it is not efficient cost-wise as well.

But with 3D data, there is not need for physical storing space.

Any data can be printed out as 3D printed models, and even in cases of damaged or lost models, if you have the data, they can be printed out again.

Brands we work with

dental BiOVISION can work with every IOS system available in the country.

  • 3shape TRIOS3shape TRIOS3shape TRIOS
  • align iTeroalign iTeroalign iTero
  • MeditLinkMeditLinkMeditLink
  • Connect Case Center
    Dentsply Sirona
    Connect Case Center Dentsply SironaConnect Case Center Dentsply Sirona

All for the patients

By using IOS

  • Reduced chair time

  • Reduced cost

  • Reduced time on disinfection

  • Same great quality and delivery time even from a lab far away

  • High accuracy

  • Visualize the process on the spot

Reduced chair time

Reduced chair time

Compared to the old impression taking technique, IOS can reduce the chair time,

since there is not need to disinfect trays, mix impression materials nor wait for the impression to set.

High quality prosthetic

High quality prosthetic

Since it’s digital data, it is highly unlikely to have any issues with accuracy and can reduce technical error to minimum.

Visualization of the scanned image on the monitor can also allow rescanning to be done right away, if there is a scanning error.

Improved convenience

Improved convenience

Everything is done digitally, so you only need necessary data to check the design process.

By using 3Shape communicate or TeamViewer, it is also possible to check the design from remote areas.


Cost reduction

By using IOS, there is no need for impression materials and dental stones.

Also, it will reduce the handling time and cost spent on shipping fees.

dental BiOVISION’s recommendation

SHOFU S-WAVE scan body

Case by intraoral scanner
( Non Model Case )

  • Monolithic Zirconia MOD Inlay
  • PMMA Provisional Fixed Cr
  • Telescope Full Zirconia Cr
  • Screwretained Full Zirconia Bridge


How many units can an IOS process in a single case?

We try to do all IOS cases in a model-less manner.
From what we have done, with accurate scanned data, 12-unit bridge cases, implant cases and even full mouth cases can be done in a model-less manner.

*But for a multi-implant cases, you will need to have an IOS index obtained separately from the IOS data.

What prosthetic materials are available for IOS cases?

In general, most non-casting materials are available.
The final material used for model-less cases are generally Monolithic Zirconia (Full Zirconia).

Other materials include PMMA, hybrid ceramic resin, denture-base resin, clear stent resin, glass ceramic, Pekkton and titanium are also available.

What can be designed using IOS cases?

Full Zirconia crowns and bridges, Zirconia inlays and onlays, screw-retained Zirconia, Cement-retained full Zirconia, custom abutments (titanium, Zirconia, Pekkton), Provisional crowns and bridges, implant Provisionals, hybrid resin crowns and bridges, Pekkton cores, dentures and guide stents.
All the above are available model-less, but 3D printed models are required for cases with layering design.

Is it possible to conduct a pre-op diagnosis using only IOS data?

Yes, it is possible. We can design setups, implant placement plans, diagnostics for crowns and laminated veneers using CAD software and superposition them to 2D images or to 3D face scan data and perform three-dimensional diagnosis.
We will send you the design data through screen shots or by video. If required, we will send you 3D printed models of the designed data.

For implant cases, which scan body should be used?

All scan body, library and titanium base are linked, so using the correct scan body is important.

Please be aware that using the wrong scan body can cause errors during fabrication. Also each implant systems are different, so please contact us to discuss the matter.

What is the required time for delivery date?

It usually takes 2 weeks from the date of receiving the data, but it also depends on number of units and the design, so please contact us.

The work flow from start to finish.

Register for 3 shape communicate

2For iTero
Register for My Aligntech

Register For MEDIT Link

4For other options

Register for 3 shape communicate
  • 01

    To login to 3shapecommunicate, please register first. Please go to and create an account.

  • 02

    For password, it must be longer than 8 letters, including at least 3 out of 4-character types (Upper case , lower case, numbers, symbols)

  • 03

    Please type in TRIOS dongle number.

  • 04

    For dental clinic, please select Practice.
    Now you are registered.

  • 05

    Login page after the registration.

  • 06

    After login, please open Connection page, enter dentalbiovision from Add Connection.

  • 07 Communicateの設定

    Once done with Add Connection, please activate TRIOS and go to [Settings] then choose dentalbiovision from [Connecting Lab], then open [communicate settings] and type in registered email address and password to complete the setup.

For iTero
  • 01

    For a new patient choose [New Scan], if already registered to iTero choose [Patients] and enter patients' info.

  • 02

    When entering ★ section, choose [Prosthodontics] as the case type and choose [dental BiOVISION,INC] as the recipient.

  • 03

    Now you can enter details on prosthesis.

  • 04

    Scanner increases the accuracy of the scan during die scanning process, so please be aware of the margin.

  • 05

  • 06

    Choosing [Pre-Treatment Scan] allows you to scan two components, so for implant cases, both soft tissue and scan body must be scanned, and for copy, both die and part that are being copied must be scanned at the same time.

    *In order to superposition both data, please select wider area for scanning.

  • 07

    Once finished with taking images, clicking [check & send] will send the data to us.

Register For MEDIT Link
  • 01

    Go to and open [Medit Link login].

  • 02

    If not registered, choose either [Clinic] or [Lab].

  • 03

    Please fill in the necessary information to create an account.

  • 04

    After the registration, please enter the email address and the password.

  • 05

    Once you download Medit Link, you can search labs from partner search.

  • 06

    Please type in to search for lab.

  • 07

    Or type in [invite a partner]. Now the registration and connecting is finished.

  • 08

    Once finished with scanning, please select [Order].

  • 09

    Please check if dental BiOVISION is selected as [Partner]. Once done, click [OK] to send.

Please convert the file into STL file before sending it through email.
For support, please contact us.


Please attach the Dental Lab form

To avoid any issues, please send the form through FAX, or send PDF file of the form through email.
FAX: 06-6398-5665 E-mail:
Dental Lab form available from website.


We’ll contact you

We might contact you by email to check the detail of the order.